Who We Are

Road Dog Show Pros

For us, the Bull Dog in our logo represents the qualities we believe necessary to pursue excellence:


We are dedicated to getting the job done right and loyal to our client's objectives. Our tenacity originates from being "Road Dogs" —the years of experience of traveling around the world to execute all facets of the audio visual industry.

From that experience, we have had the opportunity to witness the demands of Business Shows, Corporate Theater, Event Management and Audio Visual Production; but more importantly, develop the skills, resources and contacts necessary to meet them.

Our goal is simple: to apply those qualities and that experience to our partnership with you and your event, whether a simple meeting or complex audio visual show production. Our purpose is clear: to earn a long term relationship with our clients by providing them with the experience of superior, individualized, customer service that also possesses a personal touch.

By succeeding in this, our belief is that the Road Dog logo will come to represent the same to you that it does to us.

If you are looking for a partner to help you achieve excellence in your business show and events...

Experience Relationship. Experience Road Dog Show Pros.

Andy and Mark
Road Dog Show Pros, LLC