Client Testimonials

Just a few of our satisfied Clients...

I don't want another day to go by without expressing my sincere appreciation for all of your efforts in making the Medtronic Diabetes 2009 National Strategy Meeting and Video Conference a success. Thank you for your flexibility with pricing and your willingness to do whatever it takes to produce a successful meeting. And thank you for the long hours and can-do attitude throughout the whole process, including the long days on-site for you and Mark. I never hear the word "no" from you and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate knowing that the flawless execution of each production is as important to you as it is to me.

Tracy Garrity
Tracy Garrity Productions

Working with Andy is always a pleasure. Andy approaches his work with skill (to be expected) but also with a light touch and sense of humor (all too rare). In other words, the show gets up on time, works properly and the experience is enjoyable. What more can you ask for?

David and Laurie Piel
Industry Stage Managers

Road Dog Show Pros is the most professional and conscientious A/V company we have had the pleasure to work with. Mark and Andy consistently look out for our events' best interest by providing thoughtful service, the best equipment, amazing prices, all with a dash of their special brand of humor. We trust these two because they always look out for our best interest and are truly concerned with our events' success. It's an absolute pleasure working with this company, you will not regret hiring them.

Somone Denmon
Educational Program Coordinator
The Arizona Charter Schools Association

Andy and Mark possess a rare combination of professionalism, creativity and attention to their clients' needs. They're an important part of our production team, contributing to the creative process and helping us work through the inevitable challenges that are part of every event. Their reliability is simply unmatched, which is why I rest easier when Andy and Mark are a part of my team.

Tim Condron
Stout and Gallant

Successful event production is really about the people who work it. Mark Krall and Andy Stavros are two of the best at what they do. Not only does it always go smoothly for me, but even my clients go out of their way to compliment the music, the cues, etc. And...at the end of the day when its over, these are people you want to have dinner with!

Michael Young Media, Inc.

I've worked with Mark and Andy on different meetings and whether traveling abroad or just the next state over, they are always professional and easy to work with. Their expertise in their field and knowledge of equipment and production makes any meeting planners job easier. I would definitely recommend their services.

Geri Ohta
Unique Events Inc.

The reputation of a company is only as good as its people...Andy is a tremendous asset to any production. He is kind, smart, generous and extremely knowledgeable.

Midi Onodera
Daruma Pictures Inc.

Andy has an amazing ability to stay calm under pressure. Even in the face of tough clients with seemingly "impossible" requests I have never seen him get flustered. His demeanor spreads to those around him and makes working with his team a true pleasure.

Kari McGrath
Creative Group, Inc.