Gear & Staging

Road Dog Gear and Staging

We will supply, arrange and coordinate all the gear that is necessary to fulfill your vision. Large business show or small event, knowing the right gear for the job at hand is essential.

Large doesn't need to mean over-produced and small doesn't need to mean sacrificed quality.

Clarity of sound, lights and video on any scale is needed to make the presenters and the content the stars of your show.

Hiretrack Eclipse

Road Dog has added Hiretrack Eclipse rental management software to it’s day to day operations. With Hiretrack we will now be able to produce quotes more accurately and quickly for our customers then in the past.

This is a full rental and inventory management suite, which will also help manage logistics and equipment availability. Since we have deployed the system we were able to produce a 43-room quote with labor and travel in less then 2 days.