Information Technology

Road Dog IT

The ever-expanding, ever-demanding side of modern day Corporate Theater, business shows and events seems almost daily that the requirements from technology involved in IT are ever changing and advancing.

We know it is vital to keep you, your client and their people networked.

Though you all may have left your office to come to the show, it doesn't mean you can afford to leave your office behind.

We can offer full IT services in conjunction with your business show or event to ensure everyone stays linked in to where ever they need to be to keep the information flowing and all parties communicating.

Total Show Control with QLab

QLab allows you to control audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace. Think of an all in one screen switcher, Instant Replay, Playback Pro, Lighting Console wrapped up in one easy to use software package. While it shares some similarities to a WatchOut systems, the interface is more user friendly and the software is very robust and stable.

Need to trim the head and tail of that cue? Just bring up the waveform editor and drag your start and end points. Want your video flipped horizontally and centered on the second projector? Click, drag, done. Cut and paste cues to new workspaces or even external spreadsheets. Decide you didn't like that adjustment? No problem, you can undo anything. QLab uses Apple's low latency CoreAudio framework to provide playback control accurate to a thousandth of a second.

Give us a call at 800.737.7790 and see what we can do to enhance your show with Q-Lab the award winning sound and video software.