Support Crew

Road Dog IT

Even the best technicians need help. From Master Electricians, to A2's, Tape Ops, cameramen, stage hands, carpenters and loaders all play an important role in achieving a timely, smooth and uncomplicated load in, business show and load out.

Yes, we understand a chain is only as strong as its weakest link...

So we make sure we have the best support crew available no matter what city we are in.

Road Dog has recently added hi-bred LC-Fiber/CAT-5 snakes to it’s growing infrastructure.

With these new fiber snakes we can simplify cable management by running one line that audio/video and lighting can all use. The fiber ends are terminated with LC connectors which means we can plug virtually and devise in to either end to move signal.

The snakes also have multiple CAT-5 lines integrated with the fiber. This allows for the use of E-snakes and Artnet protocols on show site.