Road Dog Audio

When it comes to sound, every room is different. There is no one-size-fits all. Relying on the latest compact, self powered, systems from companies like Meyer, Nexo and L'acoustics, and the flexibility offered by digital consoles, with all of it overseen by engineers with more than 20 years experience, we are able to tailor the PA not only the room and your need, whether it is for 50 or 5000, but to your budget as well. Contact Us and let us help your attendees hear what they've come to listen to.

  • Sound re-enforcement tailored to the venue and your event
  • Latest technology used so system is discreet yet full range
  • Clarity for every attendee primary goal

Road Dog Audio

Wireless Audio

With the ever-increasing use of wireless products it's important to select the right wireless mics based on your location and application. We have included a link to our website that breaks down were the most common UR systems land on the overall UHF spectrum.

Here are some of the wireless products Road Dog offers to its clients:

  • Shure UR mics: These mics are really the industry standard for corporate events.
  • AKG DSM700 V2: 512-bit encryption and a very wide frequency band.
  • AKG WMS470-Value based AKG wireless mic kit aimed at breakouts

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