Event CAD & 3D Rendering

Experiencing everything in hindsight is not the most reassuring way to approach business. There is no need to ever say, "If only we knew then, what we know now" with Corporate Theater.

Foresight is possible with the latest rendering software.

We not only take your ideas from concept to reality, but allow you to see it all before hand and make any necessary changes.

Using such technical clairvoyance we will produce everything from basic floor plans to isometric renderings of scenic elements, leaving you assured that your show is right on track.

Let us draw the future for you, today.

  • See your show before it happens
  • 3D visualizations of your ideas
  • Full drawings for rigging and Fire Marshal approval

Using 3D Software for Preshow Visualization

Using Vectorworks to Cinema4D workflow

Providing clients with accurate photorealistic renderings can really help drive the direction of scenic ideas. Renderings are essential during the RFP process.

For nearly two years, RoadDog has made use of CAD & 3D design software to help clients realize their vision thru not only single image renderings, but full scale animations of lighting looks and video imagery.

Utilizing industry standard CAD software such as Vectorworks, RoadDog is able to quickly and accurately export 2D & 3D drawings into Maxon’s Cinema 4D software. Using the C4D material editor, RoadDog can quickly create realistic drapes, carpets & GOBO patterns.

Video files can be used as textures to simulate content on projection screens and video walls, eliminating the need for external compositing via After Effects or Motion.

Using the powerful lighting tools in C4D, we can present physically accurate lighting looks including shadows, gobo patterns, lens beam effects along with fog/haze. C4D’s Cloth simulation and Physics engines, allow for simulation of kabuki drops, curtain reveals, and even confetti & pyrotechnics.

Modeling in C4D goes way beyond being able to give the client a pretty picture to look at. It enables the production staff to troubleshoot any potential line of site issue as well as lighting design flaws before arriving on site.

C4D accurate scaling and pixel for pixel matching features ensure that renders match the real world.